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LS, Hereford

Hi Peter,

I really enjoyed it (the Dragon training) too. I’ve been putting a lot of the learning into practice already, and I’m writing this e-mail sat on my hands to make myself use the voice commands. You’ll be particularly impressed that I been able to construct a table in word, including formatting it, and I have also been managing Excel better.

I’ll look at the links you’ve sent me over the weekend, and I’ve made a resolution to learn one new thing every day.

You did say you would send me details of a better microphone, so that I can try and persuade work to buy one for me, and if they won’t I will probably buy one myself.

Thanks again for a great day.

JW, Burton-on-Trent

I really enjoyed the training yesterday (16.8.16) and it has already become very useful to me. I have managed to open Outlook, respond to your email and open the attachment without using the keyboard. There are still some commands a have to look up because I’ve forgotten them, but I’m sure the time and practice this will not be needed.

Many thanks again.

JW, London

The TableMike works well. I was going to write to you, in any event, to say that it was good to be able to support a British company, and especially a sole trader. But it was especially good to see your name listed in the manual as one of the experts involved in the development of the microphone!

CN, Warwick


This is just a quick note to say thanks for the quick delivery of the Speechmatic USB.

I’ve  set it up with my Speechware SEC, and it is by a long shot the best dictation setup I’ve used. I’ve been using Dragon dictation software for over five years, and I’ve used and tried many different microphones from cheap ones through to expensive ones.

Without any additional training or learning after the initial set up, I am getting pretty much 100% accuracy when I speak properly and with discipline. If I allow my speech to be lazy, I still get over 98% accuracy.

It feels like now the weakest link in my dictation set up is me!

This is great, thanks very much.

Ewan Main

With a subject like speech recognition, it’s really hard to work out what would be the best investment, and how to go about improving your working life rather than making it more complicated. After spending a while researching, I finally chose the product I needed due to stumbling on Peter Maddern (of Speech Empowered Computing)’s demonstration video on YouTube. It makes all the difference in the world to see the honest opinion of somebody who is clearly an expert, carefully testing and demonstrating a product rather than just marketing it.

Having ordered my headset from , I was surprised to find the experience didn’t end there. Because of a minor delay with stock, Peter emailed me personally straight away and we organised a very acceptable solution. He then followed this up with a phone call to confirm shipping and delivery times (which, in total, were as quick as I would have expected from anybody) and shared all sorts of valuable tips from personal experience. The product arrived as expected, the advice was exactly right and I couldn’t be happier. I buy a lot of products from the internet, and have rarely been so reassured by the service and obvious expertise on offer, which came as an unexpected bonus when I thought I was just ordering a piece of kit.

I can’t emphasise enough what a difference this reassurance makes. I work from home doing several jobs, and am self-employed for some of the week, so my difficulties in using my hands have been a real and increasing worry. It’s this personal, emotional aspect that makes it so stressful trying to choose what to buy and how to use it. Peter’s approach has reassured me immeasurably, as I now have a great product and a place to turn to whenever my needs change in the future.

I use Amazon and its likeas much as the next person—but, with an issue so personal as this, the genuinely personal touch is invaluable. Thank you.

RP, Headteacher, Wrexham


I have to say that the ‘Dragon’ has changed my life. I use it far more than I though I would.

Original testimonial

I am beginning to get to grips with it (Dragon) quite well now. I have used it on a number of occasions for tasks I would normally have to spend time typing.

One of those was to compile a report with another member of staff following an incident. For this activity it proved particularly useful as we needed to complete it quickly and with our immediate responses to the situation.

I am away conducting and inspection this week and although most of the work is based on typing during the day, the evening’s work allows me to rationalise my thoughts and input to the evidence collection sheet which I am doing using dragon.

So, all in all things are going well with it.

Joanne M, Aberystwyth University

This Dragon software has solved my productivity problem

Michael Woodford MBE, Former President and CEO of Olympus Corporation

“THE best voice recognition teacher in the world – You will be impressed that this morning, with a refreshed mind, I opened Dragon and felt really at home with it. There is obviously a lot to learn but already it’s making my life so much easier – in this respect I would like to thank you for your patience and wonderful tuition yesterday which was really appreciated”

Michael McDonald, Chartered Surveyor, Beresford Adams Commercial

Just a note to say thank you for your ongoing help, and supplementary training, with Dragon, since I started using the system a few months ago. Although the software is relatively straightforward to use, it has been very helpful to have your ongoing advice and support, and your various `tips’ to get the most out of the programme.

As you know, I have thought for some years that voice recognition software would be ideal for me, largely for report writing, and answering e-mail, but I have found earlier programmes too cumbersome and time-consuming to be of practical use. The Dragon system does work brilliantly, and it is really easy to rattle off detailed replies, particularly to e-mail correspondence, both in the office and at home. In fact, I would be rather stuck without it now (as this letter demonstrates!). Many thanks again for your continued interest in my progress.

Mark Booth, Former CEO, NetJets Europe

I spent two days working with Peter Maddern of Speech Empowered Computing on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and I found him to be an incredibly knowledgeable and excellent instructor

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