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Helping Dyslexia with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

So Bored

Dyslexia is a common condition which may make organising your thoughts, reading and spelling difficult. Speech recognition can be a great aid in these cases as long as you can speak clearly.With speech recognition software in conjunction with mind mapping programmes such as ClaroIdeas, Inspiration and Mind Manager and assistive software such as ClaroRead, individuals with dyslexia can express their ideas without restraint and can produce written work to a high standard in a fraction of the time previously taken.

The following videos made by Nuance Communications in the UK show just what can be achieved with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and ClaroRead. You can view each video  in full screen by clicking on the ‘enter full screen’ icon to the left of the ‘V’ icon at the bottom right corner of the video.

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