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The problems

  • Significant sums are spent each year on dictation and transcription
  • Typing slows down workflow and reduces a firm’s billable hours
  • Courts demand faster turnaround of information with fewer errors
  • Legal Professionals on may not have the ability to get work done when away from the the office

The solution

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal……………


  • Legal Professionals (Barristers, Judges and Solicitors), Practice Secretaries and Practice Administrators can dictate letters, contracts and e-mails to eliminate the need for a transcription staff or service
  • Solicitors, Barristers, Lawyers and Judges can create their own documents and attendance notes etc.
  • Support staff have more time for other duties e.g. practice organisation and management
  • Voice recognition speeds up the workflow because it is about 3 times faster than typing
  • Legal staff may achieve up to 99% accuracy after continued use and adaptation
  • Work remotely by dictating into a handheld device, then automatically have dictation transcribed when you synch with a PC

The following videos made by Nuance Communications in the UK show the benefits derived from Dragon NaturallySpeaking by Legal Professionals. You can view each video  in full screen by clicking on the ‘enter full screen’ icon to the left of the ‘V’ icon at the bottom right corner of the video.

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