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Transcribing from a digital recorder

I’ve created a training tutorial on how to transcribe recordings on a digital recorder with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I use a specific (named) Sony digital recorder in this example. The video is best viewed in full screen mode. To view in full screen, click the ‘enter full screen’ icon at the bottom right hand corner of […]

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Screen sharing tool

We wouldn’t be without screen sharing to support our business. We just came across this. Sign up for Crankwheel for a chance to win a free screen broadcast account for life –

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Mobile blogging

Isn’t modern technology amazing! I just installed WordPress on my iPhone (a free download from iTunes) and now I”m able to publish articles written on my iPhone and send them direct to this blog. So if I see something interesting and related to speech recognition when I’m out and about, I’ll be able to post […]

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New digital recorder evaluation

I have been testing out a new digital recorder for inclusion on the website. It is an Olympus device which is considerably cheaper than the flagship Olympus DS-4000. (Price to be announced soon). In testing in conjunction with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, accuracy when dictating a standard passage was the same as the DS-4000. I achieved 96% […]

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Time saving tip

A great time saver is to use a portable digital recorder like the Olympus DS-4000 to capture your dictation when away from the office. When you’re next back in the office, connect the recorder to the PC, and arrange for Dragon NaturallySpeaking to convert your dictation to text. In my tests, whereas I can achieve […]

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