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New product – PhraseWizard by SpeechWare

The innovative team at SpeechWare – have recently introduced version 2 of a wonderful and extremely powerful software package for use alongside Dragon NaturallySpeaking or any other speech recognition software called PhraseWizard® — download the fully functional demo from I have been taking it for a fully comprehensive ‘test drive’ by building up a vocabulary for a professional customer.

According to SpeechWare…

 “PhraseWizard helps you to fast scan, identify, select, edit and save those crucially important capitalized phrases, abbreviations, acronyms and hyphenations for you and your work in an efficient and systematic way. Besides, the Master license also contains a very powerful module to ‘Find & Replace’ any text or expression on the source webpages, sub webpages and supported documents, to clean up tags, frequent typos or mistakes, names and addresses, etc., before running the Dragon Vocabulary builder (‘Learn from specific documents’ menu) or the ‘Find & Collect’ function of the application itself.”

What this clever piece of software allows you to do is to scan a virtually unlimited number of documents such as text files, Word documents and even webpages and URL’s to quickly create powerful custom vocabulary which can include a mixture of individual words, phrases with capitalisation, acronyms, abbreviations and hyphenations; the typical obstacles for top-class accuracy – whose improper handling discourages so many existing and potential users of speech recognition.

The following SpeechWare video, gives an overview of the features and benefits of PhraseWizard:-

Users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking know full well that extensive custom vocabulary is a key to achieving high word recognition accuracy. For example, if you are a Building Surveyor, Dragon NaturallySpeaking ‘out of the box’ will not have many of the surveying terms that you work with on a daily basis. Or you might be a Teacher or Lecturer specialising in a specific academic subject and again, Dragon may not have as extensive a vocabulary as you would like. With PhraseWizard, you can very quickly create a large and extensive wordlist with many written/spoken forms included for import into Dragon Naturally Speaking based on words and phrases relative to your individual field of work!

PhraseWizard is available in two licences – a ‘One Use Only’ licence and a ‘Master License’. The former allows for saving of the vocabulary data only one time and is best suited to an individual Dragon end user. By contrast, the much more expensive ‘Master License’ allows for unlimited vocabulary creation and is best suited to corporate customers and/or Value Added Resellers as a tool to create vocabulary for their clients.

Below is a video in which I use PhraseWizard (Master License version) to create a large custom vocabulary for a Radiographer customer and which hopefully demonstrates the functionality, power and benefits of this excellent software package.

I am extremely impressed by what the software can do and I’m left wondering why no one has thought of this before!

Click the ‘Play’ icon on the bottom left hand side of the video. When the video plays, to view the video in full screen (recommended), click on the ‘enter full screen’ icon on the bottom right hand corner (to the right of ‘HD’).

PhraseWizard by SpeechWare from Peter Maddern on Vimeo.

Using PhraseWizard by SpeechWare to create an extensive custom vocabulary for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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