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6 inch Sennheiser ME3 adapter


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Please note that we only recommend this for use if you own the previous version of the Sennheiser ME3, namely the Sennheiser ME3-EW. We have found that the latest ME3 version, the Sennheiser ME3-II is much ‘less hot’ than its predecessor ME3-EW when connected to the microphone in port of a computer.

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Please read the following before purchasing.

This is the Speech Recognition Solutions adapter. This is for use with standard, unmodified Sennheiser ME3 headset microphones. If you have purchased a Sennheiser ME3 from Speech Recognition Solution in the USA, it is an ME3 that has been modified by Sennheiser to have a standard 3.5 mm jack and it is not necessary for you to purchase one of these adapters.

This adapter is designed to convert the terminating jack on the usual (i.e. unmodified) Sennheiser ME3 headset microphone to a standard 3.5 mm jack for connection of your ME3 to a computer sound card via your computer’s 3.5 mm mic – in port. It also allows connection to a digital recorder or other device with a standard 3.5 mm port.

Although the Sennheiser ME3 works beautifully with speech recognition software, it is actually manufactured by Sennheiser for use with a wireless system and it is for this reason that it is manufactured with a special locking ring. The terminating jack of the ME3 is designed to connect to a belt-worn transmitter and not a computer, hence the need for this adapter. In addition, the ME3 is wired differently than usual computer microphones (the base and tip connections are reversed) and for this reason, the ME3 is occasionally incompatible with a soundcard. Be aware that the ME3 adapter does not change the wiring in any way and simply allows for more complete insertion into your sound device.

If you have compatibility issues when using the ME3 with this adapter, please note that this is not a fault of the adapter but rather a natural consequence of the unusual wiring of the microphone. To resolve this, we recommend that you interface your microphone using an external USB adapter known to be compatible with the ME3. For this, we recommend the Buddy 7G USB sound adapter.

Notes on use:

  1. When inserting your ME3 into this adapter, be sure that it is fully engaged by fully inserting it.
  2. If you have compatibility issues, please read the section above about sound card issues.


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