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Dragon Professional Group (Education)



This has replaced the former Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Schools license and Classroom Pack.

They have been replaced by Dragon Professional Group for Education. This is a later version of the software – version 14. As with the now discontinued perpetual Schools Licence, this replacement Dragon Group version is still licensed perpetually to a PC rather than to a named person. So for example, if hypothetically a school had say 10 PC’s and 200 students, all 200 students could use Dragon on any of the 10 PC’s. As could any new students year-on-year.

Below are the prices for the various bands. The prices in the final column are per PC and are ex VAT. As with the former Schools Licence product, Dragon Professional Group is received as a download and no headset microphones are included in the purchase. The school receives an electronic download with a serial number and the Dragon software can be installed on the licenced number of PC’s using the download provided.

Price bands are as follows. Please contact us to order:-

Per year maintenance and support contracts are available to support any technical issues that may arise. Prices are in the last column and are per PC ex VAT. What the maintenance and support contract buys is level 3 technical support rather than the normal consumer level 1 UK helpline Technical Support. Any technical queries go straight the expert helpline team in the USA and are prioritised. Also, if any upgrades become available within the year of the contract, the upgrade is available to a PC within the contract.


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