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Speechware TwistMike with SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter


Special note: This is a combination of the TwistMike bundled together with the SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter. We recommend this combination if you are at all unsure about the quality of your PC’s on – board sound card. This combo delivers ‘CD quality’ sound input. Note that Macs do not have 3.5 mm mic – in ports so this combo is ideal for Mac use.


The TwistMike in the above image terminates in a 3.5 mm jack. The 3.5 mm jack is plugged into the ‘mic -in’ port of the SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter and the latter is inserted into one of your USB ports.

See product video:-


We are most impressed with the accuracy and convenience of this new microphone from Speechware! So much so, it’s the microphone we use on a daily basis with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Not only that, it’s an ideal travel microphone as you can just coil it up and throw it into your briefcase and take it with you.

The new TwistMike features the same highly sensitive and unidirectional capsule of the TableMike inside an extremely 30″ or 75 cm long, thin (6 mm) but at the same time stiff, lightweight and easy to bend microphone boom, attached to a standard 3.5 mm golden plated jack and special clamp.

TwistMike 1

Due to the aforementioned features, this microphone will allow a long-range dictation distance, especially when it is connected to the acoustically matched SpeechWare USB MultiAdapter running under Green LED or mode. As well as the industry first detachable clamp, its lightness and flexibility allows a user to wear the microphone around the neck, as well as to wind it on top of any flat surface and table!

The following pictures demonstrate the various ways you can use the TwistMike to suit the way you work:

TwistMike 2

TwistMike 3

The basic TwistMike package comes bundled with:

  • the special detachable clamp to attach the microphone to virtually any table up to 9 cm thick
  • two windscreens


Advantages of the TwistMike

  • Highly sensitive cardioid microphone capsule, the same as the award-winning TableMikes
  • Outstanding voice pick up directionality, which is essential for speech recognition accuracy
  • Extremely long (30″ or 75 cm), thin (6 mm), lightweight and easy to bend microphone boom, attached to a standard 3.5 mm golden plated jack and special detachable clamp
  • Three working modes: attached to a table (with the clamp), winded on top of any flat surface and around the shoulders (without the clamp)
  • Ideal complement for existing SpeechWare USB MultiAdapter owners, providing them with identical performance as the award-winning TableMike models.



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