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Speech recognition training

Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition training, training in Dragon Dictate for Mac, Windows Speech Recognition, TextHelp Read & Write Gold, ClaroRead and Inspiration

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Why do I need training?

We don’t know what we don’t know!

In many cases, a user might only be using a small part of the capabilities of the software applications they purchase and don’t maximise the return on their investment. This is often because they are self-taught. They tend not to benefit from using all the features within the application to help them increase accuracy.

With an insight into how much more they could achieve by using and combining features in the software in different ways, they could discover new ways of working that will improve their effectiveness and productivity?

Our experienced Dragon voice activated software/Assistive Software trainer will transform your Dragon NaturallySpeaking performance and capability. You will climb the learning curve much faster and enjoy the experience. You will use power tips and methods that you may never discover in self learning. You will recoup your investment in the software far faster. The training will be tailored to your job and commonly – used applications. A comprehensive user workbook will be provided for the training. Your accuracy can be assessed during the training session and should be in excess of 96% (depending on enunciation quality).

 Details of our Dragon NaturallySpeaking training and TextHelp, ClaroRead and inspiration training can be found on this page


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